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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sterling Hall bomber Armstrong arrested after $800,000 cash found in vehicle

Armstrong apparently went from planting bombs to dealing drugs.
Inspecting a bed in the motor home, Alvarez noticed a plywood plank with scratched and tool-marked screws and removed the screws and plank. He found two duffel bags, a brown paper bag and a black cooler pouch. Each contained heat-sealed bags of cash, which was later found to total about $815,000. Investigators who processed the money said it smelled strongly of cannabis.
His previous encounter with the law was 42 years ago when he killed someone with a bomb.
Armstrong, 65, was one of three men arrested for their roles in the Aug. 24, 1970, bombing that targeted the Army Math Research Center in Sterling Hall on the UW-Madison campus as a protest of Vietnam War. A fourth man wanted in the case, Leo Burt, has never been found. Researcher Robert Fassnacht was killed in the blast. Armstrong was sentenced to 23 years in prison, but his term was later reduced, and he was released in January 1980 after serving seven years.
Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) notes:
Funny how little time these lefty domestic terrorists did.
Tell me again how tough it is to be a Leftist terrorist in this country. Bill Ayers got away scott free and became a University professor, Angela Davis is a highly paid tenured professor at the University of California. It seems that the path to success in academia is bombs, bullets or, like Elizabeth Warren, false claims of minority status.

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