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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Proof that young people are so frickin' stupid!

Jonah Goldberg makes the point that "young people are so frickin' stupid"   As if determined to prove his point beyond parody, they organize a march on Rush Limbaugh's office ... in Chicago!
A crowd of Occupy protesters in Chicago descended on Rush Limbaughs “office” Thursday to air their grievances about the conservative radio host.

The problem? Despite their references to “Rush’s office building” and “Rush Limbaugh’s studio,” they weren’t in the right place — not by more than 1,000 miles.
Anyone who has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh knows that he lives and broadcasts from Florida.

Which brings up two points that Rush made on Friday:
  •  Most people who hate him have never listened to him.
  •  People who listen to him should ask those who hate him why they have an opinion on something they know nothing about.

The OWS crowd is so stupid that they organize a march without the first inkling of a clue that the object of their uninformed hate is not within a thousand miles of their destination.

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