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Sunday, March 01, 2015


The #RapeCulture Feminists Ignore

Last January in Las Vegas three men invaded a home and gang raped one of the women inside.

If ever there was a story for feminists to get enraged about, this would be it. According to SJWs, America fosters a “rape culture,” where sexual assault is trivialized and men are encouraged to feel “entitled” to womens’ bodies. You can’t get more entitled than a gang of ghetto thugs invading a woman’s home and raping her at gunpoint.

Yet feminists have been eerily silent on Cytherea. A casual Google search for “cytherea rape” shows that the only articles about the story are from news outlets, porn industry sites such as TRPWL, and the conservative site The Daily Caller. Searching Jezebel, one of the most popular feminist blogs in the world, for “cytherea” returns a grand total of zero results. Porn star Mercedes Carrera recently made a video calling out feminists for their silence on the case.

They are silent because the victims and the perpetrators are not the "right kind."

The perps.

The victim was a retired porn actress.

One look at the race of Cytherea’s alleged rapists and you can see a big reason why the left won’t touch the story. The media is constantly on the lookout for what Tom Wolfe calls the “Great White Defendant,” a criminal case featuring a white man who is utterly guilty of victimizing a woman or a racial minority.

This desire to demonize white men drives not only popular rape hoaxes such as the Duke lacrosse case or the UVA rape story, but white-on-black crime stories such as the Trayvon Martin case and the Ferguson debacle.

Feminists are also ignoring Cytherea’s rape because of the class factor. The rape stories that SJWs [“Social Justice Warriors”] squirt tears over — such as UVA rape liar Jackie Coakley or “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz—involve upper-class white girls being purportedly brutalized by “entitled,” “privileged” white men. . . .

SJWs are so wedded to their narrative of rape being perpetuated by upper-class white men that they’ll rush to defend any wealthy white girl who cries rape, no matter how obvious her lie.

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