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Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Democrats want to put man-made global warming opponents in jail

Hey, it wasn't me:

Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democratic Senator from Rhode Island thinks that there's reason to think that people who reject man-made global warming just could be racketeers and should be prosecuted.

Top men like Sheldon Whitehouse can make sure we don't hear anything that we don't need to hear about scientific research and legally punish anyone who publicly disagrees. Otherwise, the natives get restless and start opposing whatever economic restrictions seem necessary to save us from ourselves. And as we all know, everything about the global warming debate is guided by altruism. No one's looking to get rich by artificially inflating the cost of fossil fuels and benefiting from green energy subsidies, right? (As I write this, four of top ten Google results for "Solyndra" are about how the Department of Energy's "scandalous" loan program that funded the notorious bankruptcy is actually turning a profit -- which is not true and a dramatic example of how badly the media covers the issues surrounding green energy.)

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