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Saturday, June 06, 2015


Republicans: There's no need to panic. Stop trying to fix American health Care

For reasons that I can only say are politically stupid (but that’s why they’re known as the Stupid Party), Republicans are hunting for a solution if the Supreme Court invalidates ObamaCare subsidies.

As they say in Bridge, let's review the bidding . ObamaCare passed without a single Republican vote. Democrats own it. It’s proven to be unpopular. It's proven to be a financial disaster for many people who have lost the health plans they were happy with, their doctors they wanted, and even the hospitals to which they were accustomed. And they did not get their premiums reduced as promised by Obama.

Now there is a possibility that the Supreme Court in King vs. Burwell will invalidate the subsidies that the Federal Government was providing in 37 states that have not set up “exchanges.” The law says that subsidies are available to exchanges set up by the states. This was an incentive for states to do so, but most states declined so the Obama Administration stepped in and provided for subsidies that are not in the law.

Stupid Republicans are scrambling around for solutions if the subsidies are struck down.


Because they are afraid. They’re afraid that they will be blamed for the failure of ObamaCare. Because they did not want it. Because they wanted to repeal it. Because they know that the press, as part of the Democrat party, will blame them.

Blame them for what? EVERYTHING.

There may be some elected Republicans who want to protect the people who foolishly believed the Obama promises. But they are far outnumbered by the ones crapping their pants about what the dinosaurs in the press will say.

Let me tell you what to do, to save your political hides as well as to do the right thing.

Don’t do anything. No proposed bills. No bailouts. No fixes. Nothing.

Then hold press conferences. 

Do it hourly. Do it daily. Make speeches in the House. Make speeches in the Senate. With one message. 

The MSM will crucify you; they always do. 

But there’s a new media and that’s who you’re giving the soundbites to. For Limbaugh, Hannity, for Fox News, for DRUDGE, Instapundit and all its imitators. 

Their audience is one that you can galvanize. This is the part of the electorate that voted for you and is disappointed that you are not keeping your promises. This is the electorate of 2016. This is they re-awakened America that longs for leadership. This is the America that has made it possible for over a dozen young, eager, fresh Republicans to want to run for President. This is the America that the Left is afraid of.

Republicans have to resist the temptation to be the Democrats clean-up crew.

Democrats will howl, they’ll call you racist bigots, haters of the poor, that you want people to die. They do that anyway. It’s lost its sting. The press will amplify the Democrats’ accusations and think up new ones of their own.

The answer to that? Stop reading the NY Times and the other Democrat organs. You’ll find that most of your constituents don’t either. Your head will clear and you’ll see reality more clearly. You’ll be reinvigorated and empowered.

If the press interviews you, reinforce your themes.

That’s the answer you give to every question, no matter what it is.

If Republicans even hint that they are looking for a solution, they will be re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and be accused of hitting the iceberg. Stay away, far away for ObamaCare fixes. It’s a tar baby.  The solution to the issue of improving medical care in this country will come.  It will come gradually, incrementally, in stages.  Not in one all-encompassing Utopian monstrosity worked on in secret by socialist in academia.  There is no emergency.  Americans will take care of their own.  For God's sake, leave it alone for a while.

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