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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A word to the wise from Sarah Hoyt

 However, a word to the wise, if there are any, in the corridors of power, from the so called legislators, to the judges: Turn back now. You’re living in an echo chamber. You don’t know the real opinions of real people, because you’ve made it impossible to tell the truth without losing your livelihood, your family, everything you hold dear. And you have absolutely no clue how quick the preference cascade turns when the “go alongs” realize the majority isn’t where they thought it was.

If you throw your lot in with the left, you’re going to lose.

 Contemplate the fact that in the face of a barrage of demonisation and fear never before seen in the west, Americans hunched their shoulders and voted Donald Trump in such numbers the left had to fraud hard at the last minute and in plain view.

Contemplate that in no other country, not even the other anglophone countries is political blogging a big thing. (And it has to do with us being the citizen-rulers of this country.)

Contemplate that the people — THE PEOPLE — refused to turn on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Contemplate the fact that the narrative on January 6th is already in such tatters even lefty publications are admitting it wasn’t a riot, much less an insurrection.

Contemplate that the left put all its cookie chips on the right showing up to burn things and throw a fit at the FICUS Fraudoguration.

Contemplate that the public opinion is such they keep having to turn off comments on White House videos on the tube of ewes.

Contemplate that we’re really, really, pissed and you have our attention. And that the leftist narrative and that of its captive media are increasingly either ignored or seen as a contrary indicator.

And then go look at pictures of the Ceaușescus.

That’s what happens when a preference cascade occurs. In the morning, beloved leader on the balcony. In the evening, cooling meat.

We don’t want it to get there, but heaven knows the left is bound and determined to push the nation there. And they have absolutely no idea what they’re trifling with.

They’ve convinced themselves America is just like every other nation they destroyed.

They are wrong. And they’re creating mortal peril for themselves akin to driving blindfolded towards an abyss.

Throwing one’s lot in with theirs is highly inadvisable.

Not only is their map not the territory. Their map is written in crayon, includes imaginary lands, and is signed “turnip.”

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