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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Purge her.

 Some thoughts by "Ace" on the Republican Establishment vs. Republican voters; the people who get cheated of their ideals.  

They're joining with the left to brand 75 million Americans Uncharged Terrorists. Every time the neocon liberal Republican establishment people lose a primary contest, they defect to the Democrats to make sure the insurgent loses.

That's what Liz Cheney did. She doesn't like the insurgent politics of Trump, so she followed the neocon/Rockefeller Republican pattern of joining with the far left to defeat an internal party rival.

That's not how coalition politics are supposed to work. How it's supposed to work is this: We argue amongst each other, we even primary each other. But, within our own coalition, we accept the results of majority rule. If an establishment candidate wins, fine, the insurgents' supporters support the establishment candidate -- reluctantly, of course, but they still support him.

And if the insurgent candidate wins, the establishment is required to accept the will of the majority and support that candidate. Again, reluctantly, but again, they still must support their coalition partners.

As many commenters always -- rightly -- point out: We're always accepting the need to put internal party fights aside at the general election, and we always wind up voting for the Shit Sandwich we opposed, based on the promise that if and when our guy ever wins, the Establishment Corporatist Neocons will support our guy.

But this promise is a lie. They never do support our guy.

This is entirely a one-sided "partnership," where we have endless obligations to the self-declared "elite" and they have none whatsoever to us.

The Rockefeller Republicans, the "Kennebunkport Konservatives" of the liberal Yankee Bush wing, the corporate-humping establishment Never -- N E V E R -- accept the basic premise of coalition politics that sometimes, your interparty rivals will win an interparty dispute, and you are obligated to accept their win.

They never, ever respect an insurgent. They immediately begin scheming with Democrats to delegitimize that insurgent. They work with Democrats and the Deep State to enact a coup against him.

In the case of Richard Mourdock, a Tea-Party aligned insurgent candidate who beat ancient establishment liberal fossil Richard Lugar, they actually endorse the Democrat in order to prevent their rival from winning.

The Establishment wing of the GOP, and the grotesque corporate-sponsored "conservative" media that acts as its heralds, have now supported Democrats in the general election three cycles in a row -- 2016, 2018, and 2020. Some have done so overtly; most were too cowardly and dishonest to flatly state they were supporting the Democrat, so they did so by a thousand cuts.

But support the Democrats they did.

Because someone Not of the Corporate Body won an election.

This is not, then, actual "coalition" politics, because one side of the coalition absolutely refuses the right of the other parts of the coalition to have any political voice at all.

Any power given to the Establishment Neocon wing is just more power you're giving them for the next time you challenge them, and they decide, as is their standard operating procedure, to use the power you've given them to help the Democrats win and defeat your right to participate in representative politics at all.

They are not allies. They are not coalition "partners." They aim to rule us, and if they cannot do so themselves, they will ally with the Democrats to make sure that the Democrats rule us.

But make no mistake: No matter how it shakes out, the Establishment Corporate Neocons intend that you shall be ruled, by one master or another.

They must be purged. They must be purged, or we must form our own party.

A good question to ask Liz Cheney: Any real conservative in a media job should ask her, "If your Trump-supporting primary opponent beats you, will you respect the will of the voters and support him?"

She'll hem and haw. They never do support any Republican from the Republican Wing of the Republican Party. Only fellow Kennebunkport "Konservatives."

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