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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Trump Calls for Peace, But the "Conservative" Thought Leaders Call For War -- On Actual Conservatives

 Ace of Spades goes off on Republicans like Romney, Erickson, Lowry, Kerr, McCarthy, and all the rest of the grifters who made a good living pretending they were on your side.

Meanwhile, other Donor-Class Darlings are attacking Trump for not offering a full-throated-enough condemnation of Mostly Peaceful Protests.

Quick question, though: You know the candidate you in fact supported, but were too cowardly to forthrightly admit you supported? You know, the "moderate" Joe Biden?

Can you tell me when he condemned the violent anarchists of antifa?

Oh he refused to, right? He was demanded by Trump to denounce antifa, and refused, and said antifa was "just an idea" and therefore should not/could not be denounced?

And of course you took him to task for that, right?

Oh you didn't?

You know, for years, those of us on the Real Right have had one fundamental, dealbreaker demand: We shall not have two sets of rules, one for the left and one -- a much more punishing and vindictive one -- for the right.

And throughout all these years, the grifter pseudoright has backed up their leftwing allies' in their insistence that no, the left should have a more lenient and permissive set of rules, and should be permitted the occasional year-long spasm of psychopathic violence.

We should defer to the Moral Authority of the psychopathic left.

So yeah, the pseudoright agrees with the left on the minor issue of whether conservatives actually are full citizens in the US -- they agree with the left that we're second-class citizens as best. We're a kind of unconvicted-criminal class who are born into a lesser caste marked by limitations and special obligations.

But you know, they agree with us on the really fundamental "conservative" issues like whether their donor Google should be protected forever from an antitrust/monopoly practices lawsuit. And other big issues like whether or not their corporate donors should get another big tax break.

So, at least we have agreement on that.

So we're all one big happy Party, right?

We're one United States of America, huh?

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