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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Right Cannot Depend on FOX

 I’m not watching FOX even though I like The Five and Tucker Carlson.  FOX has shown itself to be an unfaithful ally with a corporate leadership that includes many people who have the same disdain for Conservatives as the Never-Trumpers and the Left.

Having been betrayed once it's become clear that we need allies and media channels that are ideologically committed to the principles that founded this country: freedom of speech, religion, and the press as well as the other individual privileges contained in the Bill of Rights.

Conservatives need to support alternative media channels beyond FOX.  A single alternative to a blatantly biased media cabal is suicidal.  The modern “Public Square” in which all citizens were told they could speak to each other consists of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, owned by Google.  Blogspot, owned by Google, is also the most popular blog hosting service.   These can be closed to citizens at any time by their corporate overlords.  

Remember that TERM OF SERVICE  agreement that you had to click on but never read?  It was designed in convoluted legalese so that you would not read it.  But somewhere in those terms of service you agreed to be vaporized is you said, did, or thought anything of which our tech overlords disapproved. 

All these giant corporations have decided to act in coordination to shut down opinion and news sources that stand opposed to a government that is rapidly becoming totalitarian, using the China virus “emergency” as the reason for establishing dictatorial control over the population. 

Bill whittle has a great idea.  Let's apply TERMS OF SERVICE to the services we supply others.  And if they support things with which we disagree, deny THEM service. 

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