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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Greatest Accomplishment Of Donald Trump


Trump was unabashed in his love of this Country. “Make America Great Again”, “Keep America Great” and “America First” all have one thing in common: America. Every Trump rally, every truck rally, every boat rally and every motorcycle rally was filled with happy patriots waving the American flag. Admit it, it felt so good to be proud of your country in public again.

Those are just the morale accomplishments. The actual accomplishments listed by the White House are breathtaking. Read them here.

The deregulation that opened up our economy to all would be enough for one term. The energy independence that Trump championed put money in American pockets and helped boost the economy, although it is soon to be overturned by the Green New Deal.

Trump moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This move was required as of 1999, under Bill Clinton. Every President since has promised to make this move. None did. Middle East war was predicted. Instead, Trump signed four more peace deals.

Let’s not forget the troops he brought home.

Even the formerly skeptical Dennis Prager thinks Donald Trump is a great President:

Read the whole thing.  

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