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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

These racist are your new overlords.

 Kristen Clarke, Biden's choice to lead the DOJ's Civil Rights Division, has some truly wild theories about racial differences:

"Melanin endows blacks with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities — something which cannot be measured by Eurocentric standards."


  1.  Nancy Pelosi declares that "whiteness" is violence.
  2. Illegal immigrant, MS-13 gang member released in sanctuary city kills girlfriend in front of daughter
  3. "New York Times writer who gained fame for blasting 'dumbass f—king white people' targets 'dangerous' conservative reporter Andy Ngo" after Trump's social media ban.
  4. Bruce Willis kicked out of pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask.
  5. Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon Claim BLM Riots More Justified Than Capitol Hill Riot 
  6. If our justice system were as biased and reflexively punitive as Biden and Harris claim, the people whose wanton destruction of their communities led to numerous deaths and billions of dollars in property damage wouldn’t have walked free.
  7. Let's not forget who gave Twitter, Facebook, and Google the power to do what they are doing....The United States Congress
  8. I still think the most ominous and consequential moment was when FB and Twitter united to ban reporting about the Bidens in the weeks before the election. Twitter mostly expressed regret. FB did not. Liberals & **journalists** overwhelmingly cheered. That showed what was coming.
  9. State Rep. Randy Fine, a Republican serving in the Florida House of Representatives, asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to redirect funds currently going to Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Google, Facebook. "Big Tech may get to decide who they do business with.  So do we."

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