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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The base of the left in the US is solidly affluent and/or mentally ill

Sarah Hoyt does a really great job of explaining the evil thing that has stolen our country. 

 They’ve spent…. 4 years cosplaying resistance, with yard signs and pins, and stunningbrave mouthing off, when no one was actually doing anything against them. Well, and that’s fine. That’s their style. The base of the left in the US is solidly affluent and/or mentally ill and often also indoctrinated into uselessness. They have a certain style. It ain’t good, but it plays in their limited circles and the structures they’ve captured. They know nothing about the world, but they can express it in convoluted sentences. They have no knowledge of world history, but they know the US is uniquely unjust.

So how else, were they supposed to “resist” a non existent threat but with stupid yard signs, the fist of communist oppression, and a bunch of ridiculous tautologies on a poster? That’s all they have. Though their paid for brownshirts are more destructive. But note they are destructive. Not constructive.

Either by natural mental and emotional inclination, or by indoctrination (which seemed to have that effect in many communist countries) they are not creative. In fact, they’re unable to find originality with two hands and a seeing eye dog, hence the rather bizarre products from traditional publishing and Hollywood which remind me more and more and Elizabethan preachers screaming opacity to the convinced and scared.

So. They’ve captured our institutions, and they hate us. They are going to make our life very difficult. They are going to throttle back our energy production, send our food to China, educate our children in a bizarre and distorted racist credo. They use worse propaganda against us than any country used against the enemy in any war.

They’ve convince ourselves we’re not fully human. That we’re disposable. That we don’t do anything worthwhile without their input.

Their plan for the “great reset” (And yes, it’s a thing. If you understand foreign languages, world leaders talk openly of it) is mentally retarded. Remember that video on how you own nothing, not even your living space and people use your living room for business meetings while you’re gone? Yeah. WHAT BUSINESS MEETINGS if no one is allowed to own anything, and we all have access to the same things?

The problem is the very very rich (and useless) who come up with these plans have never HAD to work. What they do is usually for the pleasure of ordering others around. They don’t even understand what’s in the minds of the normal human being who would rather sleep another hour but has to go to work and do the best he can so his children can have a better life.

The communist countries going completely and suddenly to shit and famine makes no sense to them. They’re sure this time they’ll do it better, and life will go on as always, but they will be able to tell everyone what to do and reap the rewards of everyone’s increased effort.

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