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Sunday, January 10, 2021


 You might think the most powerful man in the world is the President of the United States. But you would be wrong.

Because as this past week has shown, the Big Tech companies have power over even him. No one in human history has had the kind of reach and influence now wielded by a small group of men on the west coast of America....

Despite Google’s famous early slogan, what they and other Big Tech companies have done throughout their history really is distinctly, deeply, evil.

Twitter, for instance, has become one of the most powerful companies in the world – accumulating vast sums of money for a tiny number of people.

The business model is simple. Every time some great controversy occurs, it enriches Twitter, which makes money from advertising, data harvesting and much more. (Yet it relies on others – you, me, people across the planet – to point out errors and correct what it publishes for free.)...

And as they have come to dominate, the way they have used their power has become increasingly outrageous. Before the November election in the US, a major corruption scandal emerged about the family of Joe Biden. The story was broken over successive days by the New York Post – America’s oldest and most venerable paper.

How did the tech platforms react? In the most egregious way imaginable. They censored the story.

Facebook and Twitter suspended the New York Post’s social media accounts. What is more, they prevented any and all other users from ‘sharing’ this story. So ahead of an election they decided what the American people could or could not know about one of their candidates. They did it because they wanted Joe Biden to win....

YouTube has a long history of simply lying about its own behaviour. Because it will get away with it. Because Big Tech always does.

But this week the companies made their biggest move yet, with Facebook and Twitter banning Trump. Twitter also suspended his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell, both Trump loyalists.

Blaming, or pointing fingers are Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple is wrong.  A company is a curtain behind which actual people act.  In this case, actual people with actual names are committing unimaginable evil acts.  

The Curtain must be raised and these people exposed for the global criminals they are.

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