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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Al Qaeda Mata Hari Wanted To Poison Pres. Carter

Well, there’s one less al-Queda operative loose in the world today (or, if you are a Liberals, there’s one more innocent victim of Bush’s police state).

US intelligence operations around the world continue to find, kill or capture them. Capture is generally more productive because they typically provide leads to others in the terror network.

As reported by ABC News:
Long before Aafia Siddique was arrested in Afghanistan last month, allegedly in possession of a list of New York targets and chem-bio weapons information, she had allegedly developed a plot, however improbable or amateurish, to kill Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush and to attack the White House. Siddique plotted to use weapons that included biological agents to contaminate former president Carter's water, according to multiple federal sources.

In common with many of al-Queda’s terrorists, Ms. Siddiue was not poor, young or dispossessed. Rather, she
…attended MIT as an undergraduate and earned her PhD in neuroscience at Brandeis.

It’s not the disaffected youths that are in the vanguard of al-Queda’s operations around the world as their propagandists would have us believe, but the elite, educated and wealthy who wage war against the West in the name of Islam.

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Anonymous said...

"Al Qaeda Mata Hari Wanted To Poison Pres. Carter"

but who didn't?