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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama Without His Script

The invasion of Georgia shows "Obama without this script."

Via Jonah Goldberg.

Obama’s response?

First, on Friday, he gave a conventional written statement calling for calm, United Nations action and “restraint” from both sides — followed an hour later by a slightly stronger condemnation of Russian aggression and a call for a cease-fire.

So for an international crisis, Obama puts away the soaring rhetoric and hides behind a statement we might expect from any State Department functionary. But that’s not to say he didn’t make it to the cameras. The next day he headlined a rally celebrating his vacation in Hawaii. He promised “to go body surfing at some undisclosed location.”

During Obama’s make-believe presidency, we’ve heard about bold action, about the courage to talk to dictators. When faced with a real “3 a.m. moment,” Obama — who boasts roughly 200 foreign-policy advisors — proclaims, “I’m going to get some shave ice.”

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