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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swiftboating Defined

Glenn Reynolds:

MCCAIN CHARGED WITH PLAGIARIZING SOLZHENITSYN: Tom Maguire is unconvinced. But I agree with a commenter that it's not "Swiftboating," but something far less: "In order to Swift Boat John McCain you will need his fellow POWs to come out and say he is bloviating, etc. Swift Boating means someone who was there who knows you are full of hot air is on your tail. Not, I repeat not, what the left wants it to mean. The only way John McCain can be Swift Boated is if someone who was there with him causes McCain's campaign to scramble to answer the allegations. Otherwise, this is desperation by the left who sees their guaranteed win slipping away." It'll get uglier before it's over.

UPDATE: Thanks to "backhoe" at FreeRepublic

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