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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Liberalism Disease

From Say Uncle:

“…you almost have to believe they are using a template of some sort.”

They are– it’s a disease.

  • Yeah, and Bush banned stem cell research (more .gov funding now than ever in history and no restrictions on private research)
  • Bush advocates torture (never in the history of warfare have enemies been treated so well)
  • botched the Iraq war (never in the history of warfare has an army taken a country and deposed its leadership in so short a time with so few casualties and so little collateral damage)
  • screwed up the economy (its bigger today than any economy anywhere, ever)
  • and screwed the poor to give tax cuts to the rich (the U.S. Treasury under Bush has been taking in more money than at any time, anywhere)

...and it is we consumers who are responsible for our reliance on foreign oil

  • when it is the they (the left, who are now bitching about it, blaming Bush, et al, are the very ones who clamored for all these restrictions on domestic production and refining)
  • and the polar bears are dying off (there are more polar bears today than at any time in the last 10+ years). I could go on like this all day.
  • It’s a form of template, but I prefer to call it a symptom of the disease called “liberalism”– a complete self-absorption and group-think, characterized by the total inability to recognize reality when they see it, much less acknowledge it. If someone blurts out a line of crap that sounds cool, they’ll repeat it as fact and act upon it as fact. It would be hillarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

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