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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama's Housing Problem

That's got to hurt:

This is turning into a massacre:

Excuse me, but your flank is showing. (from the Exurban League)

Diagram 1 illustrates how the Summer 2008 battle was won.

1. With a token force, Gen. McCain taunts Obama as an lightweight, celebrity elitist.

2. After some hesitation, Lt. Obama orders the entire Democratic Army to attack McCain's forces, focusing on his many homes.

3. McCain's small force rapidly retreats to an Arlington condo with Obama's army in fevered pursuit.

4. McCain attacks Obama's exposed left flank with the savage Rezko-Mansion division.

5. At the same time, McCain irregulars attack Obama's exposed right flank led by the Ayers Bombadiers.

Even at this early stage in the battle, even a West Point plebe could see that the day belonged to Gen. McCain's Republican Guard. If Lt. Obama had read more about Cannae, Marathon, Cowpens, etc., he might have been better prepared for the obvious pincer movement Gen. McCain had planned all along.

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