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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sex and the Virginian Pilot

Pravda was a beacon of journalistic truth and technical prowess compared with the Virginian Pilot

The editors at the Virginian Pilot must have had a thrill running up their leg when they wrote about the new best seller "The Obama Nation."

The Virginian Pilot, never one to let facts stand in the way of opinion, had declared Jerome Corsi’s “The Obama Nation” “ - a scrim of discredited reportage..”

It is, of course, a matter of settled wisdom among the Leftards that remain employed at this disreputable rag, that the Swiftboat Vets were also discredited. What’s never disclosed is what points the Vets made were discredited and by whom. It’s just one of those “facts” that’s accepted on faith by the Left.

So now we have the same theme being practiced by the MSM: ignore Corsi and his book on Obama because it’s “discredited.” Bullshit on stilts.

Why even go with this smear? Simple, Corsi’s book is at the top of the best seller lists.

At JustOneMinute "Unfit for the truth" we have a more fact-filled discussion of “The Obama Nation” from some people who have actually read it.

And for the benefit of those who bought into the Swift Boat Vets being discredited, here’s reality without the bluster from the cover-up media:

It appears to me that the Obama Freikorps have made a huge and costly blunder.
All he has done, all he has done, is to insure that sales of Jerome Corsi's book will go up. People who never heard of Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., have now heard of Jerome Corsi, Ph.D..

All of this is because of the fact that Obama has bought into the bogus narrative that Democrats told each other about the Swifties. Axelrod and Company told Obama that the Swifties lied about Kerry. That's not true. I know the guy who put together the ads. They were based on a true narrative of John Kerry's conduct in Indochina during his four month tour of duty.

And Jerome Corsi wasn't primarily responsible for the book on Kerry; a fellow Swifty, John O'Neill was.

The Swifty thing exploded when the Kerry people tried to silence the Swifty attempts to place an ad in Ohio, iirc. That's when the fundraising started to come in from the hinterlands and from Vietnam Vets who just couldn't stand Kerry. It's not that the Kerry Campaign never reacted to John O'Neill and the Swifties early on; it's that they overreacted when the ad ran in a small market by threatening to take legal action. It made it look as if the Kerry Campaign was being a bully. Only after the Kerry Campaign tried to bully the Swifties did the money start to flood in.
These facts were washed down the Stalinist Memory Hole of the Democratic Party's Media Narrative. And so, Obama isn't picking up on what happened and how to avoid making the same mistake.

By attacking Corsi this way, he's doing Corsi a huge favor. Barack Obama will become Jerome Corsi's biggest book peddler.

Just another example of the Young Jesus' questionable judgement.

The Pilot is an infallible guide. If they say "left" go right. It works every time.

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