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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prediction: The Duke and Duchess of Edwards

American Digest (good enough to reprint in full):

Flashback to 1936:

"On 13 November, the King Edward's private secretary, Alec Hardinge, wrote to the King warning him that: "The silence in the British Press on the subject of Your Majesty's friendship with Mrs. Simpson is not going to be maintained... Judging by the letters from British subjects living in foreign countries where the Press has been outspoken, the effect will be calamitous. -- Edward VIII abdication crisis

That pesky press... straining at the bit under the pressures of non-restrained press outlets from "foreign countries" [read non-MSM media these days]...In the end that pesky press just had to get in the loop and spoil a perfectly good clandestine affair.

Flash forward to one of the crown-princes of the Democrats today, wannabe-King John Edwards, and his love-child problem stemming from a few light-hearted fornication festivals back in the stone ages of 2006. Of course, even though he has been caught hanging out with the objection of his past affections in the past few weeks, he states that 1) it ended years ago, 2) he did not love her anyway, and 3) does not now love her. As for the baby, well, that's someone else's child who got to the woman before/during/after he did. That person happens to be a campaign aide to Edwards so, if true, you've got to wonder what sort of pass along was going on in the Two Americas tent.

And then you come down to the "other woman" who -- if her web page is any indication -- is a either a deeply deluded blonde with hair growing into her brain, or a woman -- like many women of her ilk -- who knows what she wants and is going to get it no matter what. A baby out of wedlock is the ultimate hook.

And that's the story as of today. But in so many ways it will not stay the story as the coming weeks and years unroll.

Here's how this seedy little Democrat soap opera is going to play out long term. It's going to be a remake of The Duke and Duchess of Windsor as performed by the Clampetts.

Mother of love child hunkers down and, sooner or later, the tsunami of scandal washes over and recedes. She goes on being mom and, in one way or another, money keeps appearing in her account.

Since Elizabeth Edwards' cancer is terminal, John stays loyally and celibately by her side until the end, being seen to support her through her final days.

Showy funeral with a lot of commentary and a good deal of praise for Edwards behavior at the end.

Then a decent or indecent period of mourning (depending on your own internal clock about these matters) and Edwards and Mom of Love Child marry in a quiet, secret, paparazzi free ceremony somewhere on a billionaire's private island. Love Child Mom gets multi-millionaire husband (Her fantasy plan all along come true at last.), love child is made legitimate and an heir, and the new Edwards family lives happily ever after as the Duke and the Duchess of North Carolina.

On their first anniversary they announce "The Elizabeth Edwards Memorial Foundation" to benefit poor children everywhere. They announce this during a dinner to honor Al Gore in Davos.

Then they fly their Lear Jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun.

I wish I had said that.

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