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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Ice Age Impending: Former VP Hardest Hit

Don't say you were not warned.

Inexplicably, former VP Al "It Snows Wherever He Goes" Gore could not be reached for comment:

August is the wettest and often the muggiest month of the year. Yet, summer heat continues in short supply, continuing a trend that has dominated much of the 21st Century's opening decade. There have been only 162 days 90 degrees or warmer at Midway Airport over the period from 2000 to 2008. That's by far the fewest 90-degree temperatures in the opening nine years of any decade on record here since 1930.
This summer's highest reading to date has been just 91 degrees. That's unusual. Since 1928, only one year—2000—has failed to record a higher warm-season temperature by Aug. 13.

Perhaps he was sitting in on the totally_amazing_effort to bring sitting president George W. Bush and the aptly named Dick "Fishkill" Cheney to justice for their heinous Crimes against Humynity. Won't that be a glorious day?

After all as with the so-called debate over global warming there really is no credible opposition to the received wisdom on that subject, this being the exception that proves the rule that we must always make sure dissenting voices are heard, even when they run counter to the opinion of the majority. Gosh, didn't the Founding Fathers have something to say on that subject?

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