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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Edwards as a North Carolinian Knew Him

Salons' Walter Shapiro explains to readers why he was fooled by Edwards.

NC Girl responds:


I'm absolutely stunned to read that a veteran journalist couldn't see everything us North Carolinians thought was blazing in neon lights across the heavens.

Maybe not the affair, but if everything else about John Edwards was a bad illusion--which it was, which all the Tarheels knew--then this little addendum shouldn't have been a shock.

Everyone in this 10th most populated state knew that Edwards had NO experience in anything other than tort law. He had never held an office, not even a PTA or Community Watch chairmanship.

He had no history of volunteerism. He took credit for NC programs that others spent years working to achieve--without any help from Edwards whatsoever. All you had to do was look at the many many NC nonprofit donor lists to see Edwards name conspicuously missing. (I myself was a fundraiser for a program that provided free civil legal services to the poorest of the poor--Edwards only gave me a lousy $25, far less than lawyers fresh out of school or even conservative lawyers. He never gave a dime to Common Cause, despite supporting it's campaign finance reform issues.)

All of this was in the public record, or easily obtainable had any of you asked us.

Edwards has done NOTHING selfless for his community. His job as a tort lawyer might have helped a few--but he only took their case of he thought it would make HIM rich along the way. Hardly selfless.

He boasts about starting a nonprofit afterschool program in his son's name, without any reporting noting that it was reduced to begging for basic supplies--paper, pens, snacks because its benefactor wasn't very generous. That UNC poverty center thing--what did it DO? who did it actually help? How many lives changed? it did NOTHING but provide a platform for him to campaign for himself.

Again, you would have heard all this from just about any Tarheel.

Had you spent a bit of time not being seduced by the Pretty Boy, you also would have easily learned that the NC Democratic party only backed him as minimally required, out of a tradition of Southern politeness, but behind not-even-closed doors state legislators and party faithful SEETHED with anger and indignation over Johnny's self-serving behavior. His constituent services were less than "lacking," to the embarrassment of the legislators who sent THEIR consituents to Edwards for help. How demeaning to have to send them to the Republican Senator instead!

And I don't think there's a single person in the state, Dem or Rep, who doesn't feel he sold us out completely as our Senator. He basically abandoned his post to go promote himself. Please god, you HAD to have noticed this.

Didn't ANY of you wonder why he didn't run for office again? Well, we know why--he could not have been elected. Not even to that PTA post.

Because everyone in this state knows that Johnny Edwards only represents Johnny Edwards.

Guys like that, well they are the guys who have affairs. So what's the big surprise?

Then theres the Other America Conspicuous Consumption fest he rubbed in the face of the NC poor. Why not build a 'modest' $1.5 million mansion and give the rest to charity? Gee, my charities would have survived into the next century on that kind of money without the need for any other fundraising. (or, let 25 families move in with you--they'd have more space than many would find in public housing.)You can't live like that and mean a damn thing you say about the poor. You'd have to be brain-dead to have missed the hypocracy screaming at us.

So Edwards had three strikes: (1) he had no real experience, before or after being Senator, serving anyone but himself and no civic accomplishments; (2) when NC gave him a chance to serve as a senator, he abandoned us to serve only his own ego; (3) his conspicuous-consumption form of ultra-hypocracy could be seen from outer space. You really couldn't see that he had already struck out???

Well Johnny knew what was looking back at him in the mirror--that he was a fake and a loser, so why NOT bang a loser has-been party chick whose eyes spin weirdly in her head?

The big surprise to me is that Elizabeth is complicit. She KNEW about all this, KNEW it would most likely get out, but still encouraged him to run--knowing it could destroy the DEMs hopes for the White house for another eight years. She deceived us. She sold us out. She too is a political whore on the make.

The response if so much better than the article.

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