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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The AP Almost Reports on the Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge archives Story

Just one Minute:
Almost Like Reporting
Pete Yost of the AP covers the cover-up of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge archives described yesterday by Stanley Kurtz at NRO...

Since the mainstream media has never yet reported on this Ayers/Obama link the typical reader is probably scratching his or her head. Mr. Yost provides some background...

That is almost like reporting. Yost makes no mention of the fact that Obama was asked about Ayers at the Philadelphia debate in April and described him as ""a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago...", rather than as "a guy I worked with on education reform for six years without accomplishing anything" (The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was ultimately judged a failure by the Annenberg Foundation.)

Yost makes no mention of the fact that the Obama website produced a "Fact Check" on the Obama/Ayers relationship which made no mention of this failed collaboration on education reform.

Yost makes no mention of the fact that previously the Obama campaign was telling reporters that (a) Obama and Ayers met through kids who went to the same school, or (b) Obama and Ayers first met in the second half of 1995 when Ayers hosted a campaign kick-off for Obama. Since Obama became chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in January 1995, that was false.

In fact, its almost as if the Obama campaign has tried to conceal this Obama/Ayers relationship. And now some mysterious unnamed donor is continuing the cover-up by sitting on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge archives.

And Yost almost reports on it.

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