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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin Naked

UPDATE: The most viewed pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding a gun is a fake. It's a photoshopped composite with Palin's head placed on the picture of a young girl.

What does Obama do with those gerbils? I'm asking that Michelle Obama take a DNA test to put to rest that Barack is not the father.

Michelle Malkin psychoanalyzes the people who gather around Hussein. No, they are not just your typical race hustlers like Jeremiah Wright, your typical domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers or your typical slum landlord and convicted crook Tony Rezko. It also includes the prurient and the sticky handed who are looking for pictures of overnight sensation Sarah Palin.

So I’m furthering the little experiment that Expat Texan started and see if I can track and trap some of these perverts.

Ace of Spades is getting into the act:

Persistent Ain't They? Another google hit, now for "Sarah Palin bikini."

Internet detectives or just horndogs?

And More and More: Sarah Palin swimsuit; Sarah Palin wore a bikini.

I have to point out these are all different searches, conducted at different times. The same idiot can't keep clicking on my site thinking suddenly I'm going to have the bikini pics I didn't have the other three times.

So, I guess I'm going to keep getting hits for Sarah Palin swimsuit competition searches, with people searching for hot pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini, or even totally hot gubernatorial action.

It's ridiculous. It's not like Governor Sarah Palin once posed for Victoria's Secret wearing nothing but high heels and a clown nose or something.

I'm just saying, whatever you do, if you want to avoid unwanted Google interlopers, don't post anything about Sarah Palin and her secret bikini pictures, Sarah Palin and the "Air Force Two," or homoerotic pillowfights between Governor Sarah Palin and Smurfette.

UPDATE: It's fascinating to watch the Left in action. Keep in mind that Hussein has a history of eliminating his competition before the actual election. Sometimes by invalidating their petitions. Sometimes by getting salacious sexual stuff out there. His fingerprints are never on the dirty stuff, he has his Chicago Mob do it for him. The number of hits this blog is getting from people searching for dirty pictures is absolutely incredible. For your reading pleasure, here are the locations of some of his trolls:

Purdue, West Lafayette, IN; Woodburn, OR; Toronto, Ontario; Buffalo, NY; Norman, OK; Naperville, IL; Chicago, IL; Carson, CA; Addison, IL; Chattanooga, TN; Pittsburgh, IL; Bend, OR; Portland, ME; Uniontown, KY; US Government Treasury; Scottsbluff, NE; Reading, PA; Los Angeles, CA; … and the list goes on. Over 500 just this morning.

And now, read this from Townhall: Lefty Bloggers Go After Palin's Daughter.

They are accusing Palin of pretending that her Downs Syndrome child is not really hers, but her daughter’s. These people have a problem with their literary allusions. There is a scene in the mini-series “Rome” in which a woman whose husband returns from war pretends that the child she bore while he was away was her daughter’s. Reminds me a little of the other lie about McCain telling a story about a guard making the sign of the cross that the nutroots attributed to Solzhenitsyn. Except that Solzhenitsyn never told the story.


Anonymous said...

actually, i just saw this on drudge

Anonymous said...

Actually, now you've got people just searching on ridiculous things to make them show up in your logs. :)

Moneyrunner said...

To anon #1, the picture in the bikini is a fake.

To anon #2, it's not me who is doing the searching, it's the perverts on the Left.

Anonymous said...

actually i saw more pictures of Sarah Palin Swimsuit here.

looks real. thanks

Anonymous said...

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