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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Experience? Balderdash!

This talk about who has more experience, Palin or Obama is really rather sophomoric. If time in office is the criterion, a resurrected Stalin or a healthy Castro has it all over any of the candidates. The issue is who do you favor in terms of policies. If you favor a strong national defense, free enterprise and believe that America is exceptional you vote the Republican ticket. If you believe that America should subsume its policies to some sort of global order, that America is the biggest threat to world peace, that free enterprise is suspect, that incomes should be leveled and that our use of the world’s resources is excessive and may even be immoral, you vote for the Democrat ticket.

Individualism – vote Republican; mass movements – vote Democrat.

Since only about 50% of the eligible voters actually vote, the key to success is turnout and attracting the uncommitted. That “uncommitted” number is actually surprisingly small. Up until now, McCain has had problems with his base.

As I said HERE,
McCain’s problem has been his impulse to burnish his “maverick” image by sticking his thumb in the eye of the Right. But for any Republican, that’s his base. He can’t win without it. And it’s not just the base turning out on Election Day. It’s the base going door-to-door before the election. It’s the thousands of women in hundreds of Republican Women’s Clubs who were going to give pro-forma lip service to McCain but will now work their hearts out for Palin’s election. In one stroke, McCain created an army of volunteers that rivals in numbers, overwhelms in ability and surpasses in wealth the “youth” that Hussein has drafted.

You don’t have to take my word for it; just ask my wife and her friends.

McCain didn’t choose Palin to get the vote of the professoriate. Obama has that locked down. He chose Palin to energize the base and he did that with a vengeance.
The other thing he did was attract a lot of the uncommitted, especially the uncommitted women. And a good number of PUMAs who, as I said HERE
And finally, Hussein’s troops have all the discipline of the drunken Russian army. Attacking Palin for lack of experience when that is the last issue they should be raising. Attacking her for her good looks, a tactic that will assure that undecided women either vote for McCain or don’t vote at all.

Don’t believe me? Check out the feminist blogs. They hate Hussein with a bright burning passion, and the bile thrown at his partisans is beyond belief.
I should add that attacking her for campaigning while she has small children at home is equally counterproductive. All of a sudden a woman with children should not pursue a career? When did that become a Liberal talking point?

In my opinion, anyone who thinks McCain got it wrong has spent too much time in DC or in the faculty lounge. Here in flyover country, all the “Bitter Clingers” love her.

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard of McCain's pick I wondered who this woman was. When I found out her background, I was impressed; she has quite a track record of accomplishments. In our society looks are important and the Palin family portrait is impressive too.

This morning I heard people say its about "policy". "Policy" is most important. Okay, her views are out there for everyone to see. Obama on the other hand is for "Change". Now there's definitive policy you can sink your teeth into.

Personally I can't wait for her to debate Old Joe, the "change meister's" pick for Veep. The guy whose been in the Senate longer than the White Haired Dude.

I was going to hold my nose and fill in the box for McCain in November because I think Obama is hiding from America what he really means by "change", but now I think I can fill in that box with more enthusiasm.