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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge - The Fog Thickens

It seems someone has wrapped a shroud around Obama’s only policy initiative … in his entire career.

Barack Obama and unrepentant Weatherman Bill Ayers worked together on public school reform in Chicago for several years through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, co-founded by Bill Ayers and originally chaired by Barack Obama. This aspect of the Ayers/Obama relationship got surprisingly short shrift when Obama was asked about Ayers at the Philadelphia debate and has also been concealed by the Obama website's "Fact Check" and in their recent denunciation of Jerome Corsi's book.

And now the whiff of cover-up grows stronger. Stanley Kurtz, writing at NRO, details his attempt to gain access to hundreds of Chicago Annenberg Challenge records housed at the Richard J. Daley Library of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Although initially assured that the documents were available to the public, Mr. Kurtz has since been given shifting stories the gist of which seems to be that the documents are off limits. And who is making this determination? The library won't say, although it is entirely possible that Bill Ayers is the guiding force behind this delay.

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