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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Messiah Will Henceforth Be Known By the Single Name “Hussein.”

Billions of pixels have been devoted to the denunciation of those who refer to Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name. Perhaps it’s time for Obama general counsel Bob Bauer to send a sharp letter to the Justice Department, demanding the prosecution of anyone who refers to the Anointed One’s middle name, as he did regarding Harold Simmons.

It seems that there is a "Obama Freikorps" out there who are out to silence critics, not debate them. It's even disturbing to thoughtful Liberals.

But before the dark night of Liberal Fascism falls on America we will now institute a policy here at the Virginian. Henceforth the rock star who was nominated to be the Democrats candidate for President will have one name: Hussein.

Sort of like another rock star – Madonna (anyone remember her last name?)

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