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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“Green Energy” Corruption, the Elephant in the Room.

As the members of the MSM continue to beat the drums for “renewable” energy, and T. Boone Pickens promises pie-in-the-sky free energy from windmills the corruption surrounding Green Energy is beginning to be revealed.

Literally hundreds of billions of dollars are involved and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is only the latest to be found with her hand in the cookie jar.

Here’s the unvarnished truth: the world has been getting most of its energy from fossil fuels for over a century. During the 20th century we began to see the use of nuclear energy. In the US that path to “energy independence” was quashed by environmentalist allied with ignorant J-school Luddites in the MSM who predicted that nuclear power plants would blow up like atom bombs.

The modern environmental movement also managed to demonize fossil fuels to the extent that oil and gas exploration in and around the US was practically stopped. Ditto for the construction of new refineries for gas and heating oil.

So it’s no wonder that Americans are paying $4 per gallon for gasoline.

Which brings us to the way that robber barons like Pickens, allied with the MSM and the Democrats are on the way to making billions on “alternative energy.” The formula is simple: keep oil prices high, prevent the use of coal, stop nuclear power production, scare people with doomsday scenarios of global warming via “greenhouse gasses,” pass laws mandating the use of power sources that Pickens and the Greens own and rake in the billions as consumers get financially raped.

We are grateful that Glenn Reynolds has linked. Feel free to browse.

Tom Nelson remarks on the economics of wind power as a source of electricity and points out several facts that people who are open minded about this should know:
The problem is exacerbated by the need to keep the turbines turning even when there is no wind; otherwise mechanical problems can occur. So wind turbines are hooked up to a source of reliable energy like that from a coal-fired plant to keep the blades moving.

If, I hear you saying, you have to hook up the turbines to electricity from a coal-fired, natural gas or nuclear plant, why do you need them in the first place? Good question!

Who, in fact, really likes wind turbines? Answer: The people who make and install them. The reason for this is the tremendous federal subsidies involved. In 2006 alone, the federal tax incentives paid out cost taxpayers an estimated $2.75 billion.

Then, of course, is the fact that the wind does not blow all the time. According to energy industry expert Robert Bryce, in economic terms that means “electricity generated by wind costs more than twice as much as that generated by coal, natural gas, or nuclear power.”

That is why it's necessary for people who invest money in these "renewable energy" devices need to have powerful legislators on their side, keeping the price of fossil fuels high, keeping them off the market, and feeding the "renewable energy" industry subsidies from the treasury.

It's the way the modern day robber barons work. The only thing missing is Nancy Pelosi claiming that "'s for the children." But she'll get to that in due time.


Dreem said...

Replace Pickens with Gore and I agree with this. Pickens is at least putting his billions where his mouth is and building hard assets.

Anonymous said...

Pickens is as bad as Gore. He is putting his billions into stealing resource rights from their current legal land owners so that he can make back billions of extra money, mandated by the government.

Grandes Cigarro said...

Remember, Pickens is big on wind now so that natural gas can be "freed" up to be used in place of gasoline. He's made billions from oil and gas and still has his eye on natural gas.

pettyfog said...

Sorry, Dreem.

Stoner's right. T Boone is more honest than the Dems are, he says 'do it all' (drill as well). Which is the RIGHT answer... but his mouth is where the the money is.

Anonymous said...

T. Boone is as corrupt as AlGore. he is putting up 2 Billion to get his hands on 20 billion. 10 to 1 return justin the free federal money.

If there was really any money in it he would have been doing it with his own money, and trying to keep the Government out so he could reap all the profit.

Any alternative energy that has to have subsidies is a failure and must be avoided. There is 700 billion spent every year for energy, as soon as a better alternative comes along, whoever brings it gets the $700B.

buck smith said...

You have to consider T Boone honest if he adhere's to two principals - no subsidies for wind energy (or any other form of energy) and removing barriers for inventment is all forms of energy including new drilling, nuclear, imported biofuels.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the KGB support of anti-nuclear power groups within the US and Europe.

Demcoracy allows much scope for scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

In the Energy Bizness, when they talk about "oil and gas", they are talking about Natural Gas:
You drill for oil to send it to the refinery to distill it into gasoline, among other products.
You drill for gas, to get "Natural Gas" for use in our homes and industry.

Anonymous said...

Both T. Boone and Nancy "I'm trying to save the planet!" Pelosi stand to make a lot of money off this wind boon(e)doggle. If Republicans were smart, they could have a winning formula this November by pounding Congress and its' leaders on energy.

Anonymous said...

"""""Stoner's right. T Boone is more honest than the Dems are, he says 'do it all'""""""

Yoou mean the T. Boone Pickens who used to be the corporate raider (modern version of a pirate), who acquired entire companies by hostile means whenever they built up a cash reserve intended for R&D but the greedy prick Pickens took it for himself and laid off lots of little people? Is THAT the T. Boone Pickens you're talking about? Or is it the oil billionaire Pickens who has already made his money in that field and can arrogantly declare that "that day is passing." Do you mean THAT T. Boone Pickens?

Oh, wait, they're the same guy! Imagine that!

Yeah, I certainly trust and admire him, yes sir.