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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Arrogance of Obama

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit linked to Talkleft.

There is "trouble in river City" among the Democrats with the Hillary supporters calling the Obama supporters arrogant and fault them for not reaching out.

A sample of the comments:

I honestly can say that I am not nearly as upset with Senator Obama as I am with the Obama supporters, especially online though some of the real life ones here could use a few lessons in humility, respect and fair play.

I have my issues with Obama, but his "supporters" are 100x worse.

And you know what, I hear it from people I know in real life--friends.
I don't know why Obama inspires this arrogance in people. Maybe it was always there.

Whenever I hear or read "why are X voters so stupid?" I just blink. That doesn't work as an electoral strategy.

At one time I thought that McCain would be the candidate in the most trouble with the "base" of the party. It looks like I was wrong.

And for sheer verbosity and vitriol (and fun writing) how's this from Once Upon a Time:
I humbly offer a word of advice to Mr. Obama and/or his campaign strategists: it might be best if you took some time to study dramaturgy in addition to...well, everything else. One of the keys to a certain kind of dramatic structure is that the climax occurs at the moment of maximum suspense. The arrival and duration of that particular moment are determined by the ways in which the preceding conflicts have been developed until the opposing forces have reached the point where the conflicts must be resolved, at least in significant part. The climactic moment cannot be prolonged beyond what the accumulated weight of the dramatic structure will bear. If it is prolonged too much, drama and suspense begin to ebb. When it is prolonged far too much, then what had been rigid goes slack; what had been stiff hopes, if you will, begin to droop.

In such lamentable circumstances (which all of us have experienced; yes, you have too, don't deny it), instead of an ecstatic explosion, we are sometimes left with only a pathetic dribble. In this case, the pathetic dribble goes by the name Joseph Biden.

A Biden dribble just before the Democratic convention is a shocking failure of dramatic imagination. This exercise in digital manipulation was certainly not good for me, and I can't imagine it was good for anyone, probably including Obama. I very much doubt that even Barack wants a cigarette after this failure to achieve satisfactory completion.

Read the rest.

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Anonymous said...

BO's arrogance, he can't help himself. Neither could The Poodle, but BO's arrogance appears to be a more virulent form.