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Monday, June 10, 2013


Brainwashing the troops

The new, politically correct, military.

From Just One Minute:

Programming our troops overseas get as their choices when they listen to AM Radio broadcasts overseas:

AFN Powernet Schedule:

Here for instance is Tuesday thru Friday:

(Tuesday thru Friday)
0000 NPR Market Place
0030 NPR All Things Considered
0400 ESPN Game Night (Monday)
0400 ESPN Sports Center Tonight (Tuesday – Friday)
0600 AFN Morning NewsWatch
0900 NPR From the Top (Monday)
0900 NPR Talk of the Nation (Tuesday-Friday)
1000 NPR On the Media (Monday)
1000 NPR Fresh Air (Tuesday-Friday)
1000 AFN OpenLine (as scheduled covering NPR)
1100 NPR All Things Considered
1300 ESPN Mike & Mike in the Morning
1600 AFN Afternoon NewsWatch
1800 AP News
1802 AFN NewsWatch Update
1805 Yahoo Sports
1806 Rush Limbaugh (Conservative)
1900 AP News (2 Minutes)
1902 AFN NewsWatch Update
1905 Yahoo Sports
1906 Doug Stephan (Call-in interviews – Variety)
2000 Jim Rome (Sports Talk}
2100 AP News (2 Minutes)
2102 AFN NewsWatch Update
2105 Yahoo Sports
2106 Ed Schulz (Liberal)
2200 NPR All Things Considered

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