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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While Virginian Pilot Swears Voter Fraud is a Myth

Indiana Dem official sentenced to prison for '08 ballot fraud in Obama-Clinton primary

The pissants writing for the Virginian Pilot may want to take a good look at these mug shots. These are the faces of the people who the Pilot claim don’t exist.

Without the forged signatures it’s possible that Clinton would have beaten Obama in Indiana simply because Obama didn’t have enough signatures on his petitions without the forgeries.

How is it possible for electoral corruption to take place? Very simple: the people who commit the fraud are the same ones who certify the results.


From the story:
As Hillary Clinton prepares for a possible presidential run in 2016, it appears that she could have knocked then-candidate Barack Obama off the 2008 primary ballot in Indiana.

If anyone, including her campaign, had challenged the names and signatures on the presidential petitions that put Obama on the ballot, election fraud would have been detected during the race.

In court, former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Chairman Butch Morgan, Jr. was sentenced to one year behind bars, and is expected to serve half that, as well as Community Corrections and probation. Former St. Joseph County Board of Elections worker and Democratic volunteer Dustin Blythe received a sentence of one year in Community Corrections and probation, which means no jail time.

In April, a jury convicted Morgan and Blythe on numerous felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and felony forgery counts.

Former St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration Democratic board member Pam Brunette and Board of Voter Registration worker Beverly Shelton previously pleaded guilty and testified for prosecutors against Morgan and Blythe. They both received two years of probation.

"When you do something like this, we are going to find out and you're going to be held accountable," declared Levco. He called the sentences "appropriate."

Others disagreed.

"We would like to have seen more jail time for Morgan ... but it was more than we were expecting," said St. Joseph County Republican Party Executive Director Jake Teshka. He thinks the three other defendants "got off easy."

The election fraud was first uncovered by Yale University junior Ryan Nees, who wrote about the scheme for the independent political newsletter Howey Politics Indiana and the South Bend Tribune.

Nees has told Fox News that the fraud was clearly evident, "because page after page of signatures are all in the same handwriting."

He also noted that no one raised any red flags about the forgeries, and that the petitions sailed through the Board of Elections without any problems, "because election workers in charge of verifying their validity were the same people faking the signatures."

"The most amazing part about this voter fraud case involving the highest office in the United States is the fact that such a few number of people, because of laziness, arrogance or both did not do their job and thus could have affected the outcome of the election," noted St. Joseph County Republican Party Charwoman Dr. Deborah Fleming.

The scheme was hatched in January of 2008, four months before the primary, according to affidavits from investigators. Former Board of Registration worker and Democratic Party volunteer Lucas Burkett told them he forged signatures and was part of the forgery plan at first, but then became uneasy about what was going on and quit.


Numerous voters told Fox News that they never signed them.

"That's not my signature," Charity Rorie, a mother of four, told Fox News when showed the Obama petition with her name and signature on it. She was stunned, saying that it "absolutely" was a fake, as well as the name and signature of her husband, Jeff.

"It's scary, it's shocking. It definitely is illegal," she told us.

Robert Hunter, Jr. told Fox News that his name was faked, too.

"I did not sign for Barack Obama," he said, as he looked at the petition listing his name and signature.

Even a former Democratic governor of Indiana, Joe Kernan, told Fox News that his name was forged.

Keep in mind that all the time Democrats at the IRS were harassing and suppressing the Tea Party and voter fraud was occurring thorough the country, the Democrats at the Virginian Pilot were accusing Republicans of disenfranchising poor, elderly, Black Democrats by requiring voters to show some identification when they cast their ballots. It does not stretch the bounds of credulity that the editors were trying to make it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

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Not only were they trying to cover voter fraud,the pilot refused to even investigate the last minute votes that put Jim Webb over the top in 2006,the mysterious voting patterns in Mark(hi,boys) Warner's election to the senate,and even Timmy Kaine's last minute surge in votes.There is funny business in Virginia's voting system,especially in northern Virginia and in Norfolk,and it's time to look into it.
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