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Monday, June 24, 2013


Revealed: U.S. Justice Department and New Hampshire’s Criminal Investigation of James O’Keefe’s Voter ID Video

Democrats at the state level and Team Obama preparing the battlespace for the 2012 election.

PJ Media has obtained documents demonstrating that the New Hampshire attorney general was in discussions with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice regarding filing criminal charges against journalist James O’Keefe after he exposed vulnerabilities in New Hampshire’s electoral system in the January 10, 2012, presidential primary.

In his hidden-camera investigation, O’Keefe demonstrated how the lack of a photo-voter identification law in New Hampshire facilitated voter fraud by allowing impersonation of dead voters. Worse, O’Keefe captured video showing that election officials like Ryk Bullock were oblivious to this vulnerability.
It seems a cast of thousands were trying to jail O’Keefe for showing how easy it is to commit voter fraud. Meanwhile actual voter fraud is not a concern of Obama’s US Attorney John Walsh.

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