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Friday, June 28, 2013


Modern Family

As the Supremes bless gay marriage and banish those who support traditional marriage into the outer darkness of un-hipdom, we began to wonder whether gay couples who wish to marry every have mother-in-law problems.
You know the kind I mean. Steve tells his mother he wants to marry George. Does his mother ever tell him that George is not good enough? That George is a slut who would not be welcome in her house? Does she ask how much George earns and wonder how her son is going to be supported? Does she ask how many kids they are planning to adopt … and raise? Will the two mothers fight over the reception, the wedding venue and the number of guests each family will be allowed to invite? Who pays for what in the modern nuptials?  
I will look forward to finding the answers to these and other fascinating questions as time unfolds.

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I guess all these questions could be answered by the staff of 'dedicated young,nubile men' who works so closely and loyally in Mark Warner's senate office.
Should be 'work so closely',and boy do they ever.Not that the Pilot would ever report anything true about St Warner of taxation.
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