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Saturday, June 22, 2013


The "Gaslight" President

Acting the lead role in the “most transparent administration” in history is a challenge, especially when your administration is spying on every phone call made and every byte that’s put on the Internet. But he’s pulled it off for a big part of the audience. How else can you get awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while “droning” your enemies, surging into Afghanistan and attacking Libya? How else can you keep Guantanamo open while giving speech after speech denouncing its existence? How else can you get rave reviews for your ethics while turning the IRS loose on your political opponents, claim to be outraged, and tell the world that the first time you heard about it was when you read it in the papers?
That, my friend, is a tour de force worthy of an Emmy.
The mind tricks that Obama plays on Americans are way beyond what Charles Boyer’s character plays on Ingrid Bergman in “Gaslight.” There is an eerie similarity between the 1944 movie and 2013 America. In the movie, Boyer wants everyone to think Bergman’s crazy. In America, Obama’s opponents are labeled crazy, or racist, or both. Remember how we were told that bloggers were people sitting in their basement wearing pajamas? Thanks to Obama’s adoring fans in the press an entire Internet communications company was named PJ Media after this famous slur. Sarah Palin was “Gaslighted” to the point where she’s labeled not only crazy but stupid.
Like every actor, Obama could not have achieved his stardom without an effective PR machine. In this case the MSM volunteered to do the job for free. Even after a full four year term in office, none of the economic, political, foreign policy or moral failures that America has experienced during his administration have been attributed to him. His PR machine blames his predecessor, his underlings or Mother Nature; never him.
Keep in mind, at heart he’s just a photogenic Chicago politician. And that’s the tragedy. Chicago, one of America’s great cities, has been systematically looted by its Democrat machine, much like the killer in Gaslight plots to loot his victim’s home.
We know how Gaslight ends. We are in our own sequel and we don’t know the ending. There is no guarantee that the good guys will win; they haven't so far. Perhaps this time, Boyer wins. There’s a lot of loot in America’s attic.

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