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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Remember? ORCA, Mitt Romney’s high-tech get-out-the-vote program, crashed on Election Day

Given what we know about the NSA spying system and the Obama campaign's incestuous relationship with Google and other Silicon Valley Internet giants, the suggestion that Romney's  system was deliberately overwhelmed at a crucial time nags in the back of one's mind.
And rememer the Obama Phone lady?    It turns out that Obama was able to contact her and tell her to vote, and vote, and vote.
voters in urban areas where Obama was counting on high voter turnout were more likely to use a mobile phone
And remember Sarah Jessica Parker's ads for Obama?  The result of data mining.
For the general public, there was no way to know that the idea for the Parker contest had come from a data-mining discovery about some supporters: affection for contests, small dinners and celebrity.

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