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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liberals Decry Loss of Power to Harass, Intimidate Opponents.

The Supreme Court’s decision that removes Federal Government’s power to micromanage the voting patterns in some states, but not in others, was the subject of front page news locally. The ruling was denounced by every Democrat quoted. Louise Lucas, a state legislator and Democrat stalwart first said she was dumbstruck, but then changed her mind. "I was heartbroken," said Lucas "This is the worst thing I've ever seen out of the Supreme Court. It's unconscionable."
This commentary was repeated in various ways in the entire front page “newsatorial” in the Virginian Pilot. It’s as if the Supreme court had overturned the Civil War and ruled for the reinstitution of slavery.
But what’s really at work here is that this ruling is a blow to the power of Democrats to harass and intimidate their political enemies. The Democrats are now firmly entrenched in the permanent government; the agencies that make the rules the rest of us are forced to live by. And we have experienced how that is working out when the Left seizes control. The lesson began with the Black Panther voted intimidation case which the Justice Department dropped when Eric Holder became Attorney General. We see how the permanent bureaucracy at the IRS is a handy tool for Democrat intimidation of any group they view as enemies. We see it in the NSA spying revelations which are used to gather a dossier on everyone in the country. We see it even in the politicization of overseas catastrophes like Benghazi where people were left to die so that Democrat politicians could get past the next election before the truth came out. We see it heading for us as Obama instructs the EPA to shut down coal fired power plants, throwing people out of work but providing an opportunity to create more welfare dependents and free rein for “green” crony capitalists to amass wealth. We are beginning to see how ObamaCare is really a jobs program for Democrat politicians who want to retire with a six figure salary.
Any little thing that removes power from the permanent Democrat machine in Washington is considered a threat and must be denounced. When you have your foot on the neck of the American people, moving that foot even a little bit is a danger to your dominance and must be fought on every front. The Virginian Pilot is doing its share.


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