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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Selling ObamaPhones for heroin and handbags

Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire and part owner of the New York Times has received over a billion dollars via the ObamaPhone program. Just as an aside, this article was printed in a British newspaper, not an American one. It seems that the Daily Mail provides more information on the Obama scandals that the American press, referred to by Rush Limbaugh as the "state run media." And he's right.

In an outdoor tent erected by Stand Up Wireless in the City of Brotherly Love, an O'Keefe plant probed a sales rep on May 21.

'Once it's my phone, I don't need to, like, bring it back or anything?' he asked, while the female worker shook her head in the negative. 'It's my phone, right?'

'Mm-hm,' she responded.

'If you're interested in learning -- wanting to know how much the phone's worth,' the woman offered later in the conversation, '[I] recommend you go to any pawn shop. They'll be more than happy to tell you, OK?'

'OK,' the actor replied. 'So I could get the phone and then sell it?'

'Yeah,' she said, 'I don't care what you do with it.'

A TerraCom Wireless salesman performed with similar disregard for federal law.

One young woman, posing as a low-income citizen on May 8 during a Terracom promotional giveaway in Minneapolis, asked plainly if she would be permitted to sell her new phone.

'It's kind of like, the first thing that I do is this here,' the TerraCom rep responded, referring to the required paperwork. 'And unfortunately there are people on drugs. They get this phone, and they go get $40. ... You basically do whatever you want to do with it. That's what I'm trying to tell you.'

'Well, I'm not on drugs,' she replies, 'but there is a really awesome pair of shoes at the store that I want.'

In mere seconds the TerraCom worker is seen breaking into uproarious laughter.

In Stand Up Wireless's tent, a young woman waited her turn in line. 'I already have a phone,' she says in the video footage, 'but I just need money. So, like, am I allowed to do what I want with the phone when I get it? Could I sell it?'

A female employee busily handing out phones replies, 'If you want. Sure!'

Asked if the customer should acknowledge on an application form that she intends to sell her new phone, the worker advises that she should 'probably, like, plead the Fifth on it.

'Obama is being really nice, anybody that's $16,000 [salary] or less' can qualify, he says.

'Anybody. If you might be American, anybody that makes $16,000 or less.'

News reports have documented fraud in the Lifeline program for years.

'Time and time again, I saw people sign up while texting and talking on their own cell phone,' reported Chris Nagus of KMOV-TV in St. Louis.

'I signed up for two already,' one recipient told him. Another admitted to having four.

Jeff Barnd of WBFF-TV in Baltimore talked with one woman in 2012 who had an even larger collection of 'Obama phones.'

'I have six in my purse now,' Monique Crawford told him. 'Each and every one of these phones works. At home I know I have about 30 and all of them are on.'

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