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Thursday, June 13, 2013


A foreign war is always a good way for diverting attention from domestic problems.

Is Scandalpalooza getting a little too much for Barack Obama? Running around the country raising money and playing small-ball not changing the focus enough?  Obama has decided to use the ace-in-the-hole that he’s been holding back for just the right time.  The tried and true play of the ruler in trouble:  when things in the capital get too hot, get the involved in another foreign war. His spy agency has suddenly told him, at just this very minute, that Bashar al-Assad, the dictator of Syria has used chemical weapons. Or perhaps he found out about it by reading about it in the newspapers.  So to war we will go, and antediluvian dinosaurs like McCain will be egging him on.

It is not possible to be too cynical about this regime.   And it's not possible to exaggerate the stupidity of Republicans.

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