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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Obama and the Global Warming Ploy

The deluded fools who actually believe in man–made global warming got some bad news recently; Obama says he’s going to fix it.
The man who promised us shovel-ready jobs, and joked when it didn't work, is going to change the earth's climate.
This is the same man who ...
I honestly don’t know if his move to focus on changing the weather is the action of a fool or a cynical ploy to take attention away from his Benghazi, IRS, voter suppression, domestic spying and gun-running scandals, but at this point I don’t care. That's a job for his psychiatrist.   
He's not going to change the climate.  What he will do is throw people like coal miners, coal haulers, power plant workers, railroad employees, mining equipment makers and others associated with mining and the communities that depend on them out of work.  And that's just off the top of my head. 
At the same time he will increase everyone's electricity rates and cause brown-outs as older power plants go off the grid.  What?  Do you think that wind farms and solar panels will generate electricity faster that you can close the door on a coal fired plant?  I'll bet you were the same ones who fell for the "shovel-ready" scam.  Here's some more news for you bunkie, you can't transform coal fired plants into gas fired plants. 
I'm checking my pocket copy of the Constitution to see if there’s something in it that prevents us from arresting this maniac before he does any more damage.

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