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Thursday, June 13, 2013


If Sarah Palin Had Become President

Remember the 2008 election? Democrats in and out of the media told us that McCain was old and it was possible that he could die in office, leaving Sarah Palin as president. The horror!
Well imagine that McCain had not self-destructed, become president and died, leaving Palin as president.

Beginning on day one: 


Nicely summed up...

We wouldn't be sitting here wondering if we are gonna have to tar and feather a few politicians to get our freedom back.
Aigh, I'm getting an "Instalanche" that rightfully belongs to you. I linked to you to give you credit, but it wasn't immediately recognizable from my cute verbiage that you're the originator of this brilliant work. I've fixed that, a bit late.

I can only hope some of the traffic is finding its way to you. Guess I owe you a favor or something. This definitely deserves attention.

Great piece! I linked it at Conservatives4Palin - http://conservatives4palin.com/2013/06/if-sarah-palin-had-become-president.html
When I sleep well she is my president

When I sleep bad or have a nightmare, Barack, the Horse To Hell is my president
This list is incredibly stupid. What makes you think Palin's stupid ass would ever do anything intelligent? Things she's "done for alaska"...oh my, where to start...making women pay for their own rape kits?! Attempting to allow big oil into her state, instead of leaving the beautiful state alone?! I didn't say Obama is good, but Palin is a child in comparison. Conservatives just can't seem to agree on anything liberals want. How about yall quit fucking with our money, marriage, abortions, marijuana, clean air, bio fuel, health care, and taxes. Conservatives are fucking crazy and can't see that they're NOT the only group of people in this country and not everyone believes what they do. Fuck! And Sarah Palin is just as retarded as her son. With a whore daughter. She, Palin, does not speak for women.
Dear Anon 8:15 AM thanks for proving that Liberals are stupid assholes.
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