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Thursday, June 20, 2013


“Rep. Won’t Say Why She Opposes 5-Month Abortion Ban Even If It ‘Saves One Life’”

Via Protein Wisdom

That would by Diana DeGette, a woman now infamous for not understanding that the magazines she was pushing to ban on firearms weren’t disposable.

These are the kinds of “leaders” we pick, the kinds of people who we have given power of us as a de facto ruling class.

But that’s all gravy. What’s nice here is that someone finally put the question to a Democratic politician who has, during the gun control debates, run with the party talking that even if bans, registries, etc., save but one life, they are worth the loss of liberty that is required to implement them. Which, if that’s the case, how can not a 5-month abortion ban be something she’s literally creaming over?
From the comments: 
My friends and I started using the term “choiced” when referring to late term abortions. ex: “Those Gosnell babies got choiced!”

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