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Sunday, June 23, 2013


If Cherokee is racist so is MANHATTAN!

The NY Times is shocked that the Jeep Cherokee may re-appear.  It's not that they have a problem with the car (although that may also be the case) but they find the use of "Cherokee" offensive as the name for a car.

Having had the asshats at the Times praise pictures of naked me with bullwhips stuck in their rectums, the idea that the jerks working for the snot-nosed kid who ran the paper into the ground are offended by seeing a Jeep Cherokee driving around is nuts. Especially because the same jerk thinks that he is less easily shocked than the people outside of his building.

Ed Driscoll:

Sulzberger [said snot nosed kid] said. He maintained that the paper reflected “a value system that recognizes the power of flexibility.” But the cat was out of the bag. An authoritative voice at the Times had said, in effect, that the paper’s views—especially in matters of culture—were characterized by moral relativism and a celebration of the transgressive over traditional American norms and values.

I love that line that “We’re less easily shocked,” and all of its inherent hubris. Particularly since it’s been obvious for years that the sensibilities of those who inhabit the offices of the Times cause them to get the vapors at the slightest offense. For well over a century, the goal of bohemian modern art was “épater le bourgeois” — shocking the bourgeois — but as David Brooks noted a decade ago (before he became a would-be presidential fashion critic), today’s wannabe bohemians are the bourgeois. The average person who drops in on the Museum of Modern Art is rather jaded these days when he views the output of this week’s newest would-be Mapplethorpe, but look at how easy it is to shock the left:
•A liberal on Fox News? Shocking!
•A conservative on ABC? Shocking!
•Mention God in a non-ironic fashion? Shocking!
•Depict Mohammad? Shocking! (Except when it isn’t.)
•Republican victories? Shocking!
•Support small[er] government? Shocking!
•Conservative Hollywood actors? Shocking!
•Conservative musicians? Shocking!
•Question this week’s global warming dogma? Shocking!
•A family movie? Shocking! (And fascist!)
•An action movie in a non-PC-approved historical setting? Shocking! (And fascist!)
•Investigative journalism tactics against Democrat institutions? Shocking! (And distasteful!)
•Democrats who support the “wrong” candidate? Shocking! (And racist!)
•Disagree with the president? Shocking! (And racist!)
•Fast food? Shocking!
•Bottled water? Shocking!
•Soda? Shocking!
•Calling Democrats Democrat? Shocking!
It turns out that the island on which the Times building sits is named after another indian tribe.  That is shocking and will have to be fixed. 

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