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Monday, June 10, 2013


The Ruling Class vs. the Country Class

The gap between the rulers and the ruled widens precipitously.
As far as the American people are concerned, this domestic spying is a big deal. Yet revealingly, to the political class--that is, our leaders in Washington DC--it’s not such a big deal. And there we see the central cleft in our politics today: the widening gap between the government and the governed.

According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, the American people oppose the US government’s secret collection of phone records by a whopping 59:26 margin.
Listening to Special Report tonight was eye-opening. All three commentators expressed support for the NSA spying program. They defended it because we are supposed to believe that if it’s approved and rendered kosher by government officials, members of congress and judges, the American people should just accept that what the government is doing is fine. I’m frankly shocked by how out of touch these people are. Is there some kind of invisible shield around Washington DC and New York that keeps them from seeing that the “country class” no longer believes the soothing reassurance of government officials … including judges?   If the scandals of the last few weeks mean anything, it's that reassurance from people in government no longer has credibility.  I voted for Reagan, Bush, Palin (and the old guy she ran with) and Romney but right now I find the rush to defend the NSA by the ruling class of both parties frankly scary.  And demeaning.  The officials are telling us they have everything under control; "top men" are working on it.  Do the people who make these comments even realize they are using the punch line from an Indiana Jones movie?

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Even Krauthammer was drinking the kool-aid on this one. To have Krauthammer and Juan Williams on the same page is disheartening. Catherine Herridge in the on-line show was the only voice of sanity.
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