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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The core of the Benghzi scandal; breaking faith with the people who put their lives in the line.

There are many things about the attack on the US Benghazi compound on 9/11/2012 that can be called a scandal. The Obama administration lying to the American people for political purposes seems to be the focus of a lot of the anger. But the real scandal is breaking faith with the men who fought for hours to repel the attack and failing to go their aid.

Kevin Norton, a former U.S. Army infantry officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, recounts how he and his men put themselves in danger to retrieve the body of an Afghan interpreter killed during an ambush. He puts it this way:

In Benghazi, the U.S. government simply did not do all it could to protect its agents in the field. Leon Panetta, defense secretary at the time of the attack, later told Congress that U.S. forces were not deployed because "you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on."

This was a stunning abdication of responsibility. Mr. Panetta and President Obama knew that Americans were under attack that night. Thousands of U.S. military personnel have given their lives to save their fellow Americans—civilians and soldiers alike—under similar circumstances.


Amid the many recent scandals that have come out of Washington, there is a danger that the disastrous Benghazi episode will be put aside before it has been adequately explored—before Americans know exactly who did and did not perform capably and honorably during those terrible hours and their aftermath.
We do already know one essential truth about Benghazi: The sacred bond between the government and those who serve it was broken, and the message was delivered to Americans serving around the world. That's a scandal.

The President’s men are busy hiding where Obama was and what he did while the men in Benghazi were fighting and dying. The suspicion is thick that Obama was busy creating his cover story so that he would not be blamed while people under his command were being killed.  Because it's Obama the press doesn't care.

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