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Saturday, June 29, 2013


More bullshit from the Bat Cave at the Virginian Pilot

Even as predictions of doom from the hysterics pushing the global warming hoax are shown to be junk science. Even as global temperatures stubbornly refuse to conform to predictions. Even as reality sinks in to most people, the true believers in the Bat Cave known as the Virginian Pilot continue to push the lie. Like the cultists who, finding themselves still alive after the “end of the world” passes, don’t stop believing, they just move the date.

So today, they cheered Obama on as he decided to via executive fiat to shut down the coal industry and close the single largest source of electrical power in the US. Because of the “science.”

You know how you can tell that Donny Luzatto and the rest of the Pilot’s boys and girls don’t believe their own bullshit? Because if they did, they would refuse to produce a product that generates tons of waste per day, contributing mightily to those greenhouse gases they claim to fear.

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