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Monday, June 10, 2013


Stop calling Obama an Academic

OK, I’ll grant you that the image of academics today is piss poor; Marxist fanatics indoctrinating minds full of mush with gender-bending theories of history leading violent attacks on anyone to the Right of Pol Pot. But for God’s sake, Obama spent a forgettable couple of years as a teacher at a Chicago college. Nobody noticed and nobody cared. His books were written by Bill Ayers, his class notes were probably cribbed from Frank Marshall Davis’ old articles. The real Obama left no tracks, which is one of the reasons he managed to convince race obsessed Liberals that it was safe to elect him to take away their guilt.

Calling Obama an academic is the way that Liberals convince themselves that their stupidity was really a stroke of genius.  He's their Chaucey Gardiner and they are sticking with him.

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Video: Jordan Sekulow on Fox News with Geraldo: Scandals Plague Obama Admin

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