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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Breaching the Gates of Paris and Memphis: Dhimmis Bow and Scrape as Jihadis Sharpen Knives

The Diplomad 2.0 discusses the long war.
Twice, once in 1529 and again in 1683, Christian armies stopped the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna. In between those dates, in 1571, a multinational Catholic fleet sank the Muslim fleet in the great Battle of Lepanto. Along with the 1492 expulsion from Iberia, and, of course, the even earlier loss at the Battle of Tours in 732, the Muslim world has not forgotten those and the many other defeats since then. Make no mistake. That Muslim world seeks "revenge." The Muslims blame the West for their own failures, and point to their past "greatness" and to alleged past sins of the West as justification to commit atrocities today. Islam's war against the West that began in the seventh century continues--and for the first time since the longest war began, we are losing thanks to self-inflicted wounds....

In the 1930s, it took people with a clear vision and guts to speak up against the Nazi and Soviet threats to the West. Now, we need people to speak up again for the values of the West; people who understand that in the U.S. our Constitution is not a suicide pact, and that we, and the French, the English and the Swedes, have the right to national defense from a murderous totalitarian ideology that passes itself off as just another religion. We are being led by a bunch of cowardly Dhimmis. Do they really believe that nonsense about how tolerant the Muslims once were in Spain and elsewhere towards Christians and Jews? When will our "leaders" realize that we are dealing with an enemy who considers any place where Islam once was or now is, as part of the Muslim world. That, in fact, the entire world belongs to Islam, and those of us who are not Muslim are to be converted, enslaved, or killed.
Read the whole thing.

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