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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


IRS acting chief Danny Werfel vows to fix ‘trust’ in agency

I'm not holding my breath while a Democrat is president.
The new Internal Revenue Service chief said Monday that his agency broke trust with the American people, and he vowed a speedy investigation to expose who approved the program that led to conservative groups being subjected to unwarranted questions while finding out if any other offices have engaged in similar political targeting.

As Congress began another week of hearings on the IRS scandal, more details emerged, including that the employees at the key office in Cincinnati refused to tell investigators who made the decision to put tea party groups under the microscope.

Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel, who President Obama moved from the White House budget office over to the IRS to clean house, said he will push to have the agency finish deciding on applications from dozens of groups still waiting to hear whether they will be granted tax-exempt status — including some that have been waiting for three years.

Werfel belabors the obvious.  Crimes were committed and people need to be prosecuted, not just put on paid administrative leave or fired.

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