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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Pro-marriage group thinks IRS employee leaked Mitt Romney’s donor info to Human Rights Campaign

This happens to be a crime.

It is likely that someone at the Internal Revenue Service illegally leaked confidential donor information showing a contribution from Mitt Romney’s political action committee to the National Organization for Marriage, says the group.

In a letter exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller, the organization has asked the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to “investigate and learn the source of the breach and prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.” It also provided evidence suggesting the leak might have been the result of “IRS employee misconduct.”

The dispute stems from a March 30 post on the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) website, which boasted that it had obtained documents revealing that Mitt Romney “donated $10,000 to the National Organization for Marriage [NOM] in 2008 …”

Tax-exempt organizations like NOM are required file Form 990 with the IRS annually, which includes a schedule of donors who contribute at least $5,000 during a reporting period. This information is filed solely with the IRS, and the Internal Revenue Code requires the agency to keep the information confidential.
"Sorry" is no longer sufficient.  This is a pattern of criminal activity and reaches the White House.  Indictments, trials and jail time are now required.

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