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Friday, June 07, 2013


Who do we trust? Who do we fear most?

Some things just depend on the situation. When I go shooting at a range or hunting in the field I have no fear of the guns in the hands of the people around me. If I were to meet a masked man with a gun on a street, I would be very worried. That’s one of the reasons the law says that violent criminals can’t legally carry guns even after they get out of jail.  They have demonstrated that they are not to be trusted with deadly weapons.

Which brings me to the telephone and Internet surveillance the Obama administration has been conducting. I want the government to protect the people of this country from attack. And let’s not kid ourselves about the source of the threat: it’s the violent followers of Islam.

To that end, I trusted George Bush when he asked for the passage of the Patriot Act because I knew that he was an honorable man. Heck, I trusted Bill Clinton with some things; just not women or money because I knew his history with both. Hell, you could even trust Richard Nixon because he was a patriot.  And you could even trust him around the IRS because the IRS in Nixon’s time refused to obey orders to go after his enemies.

But I don’t trust Obama with the powers of the surveillance state because he is a liar who has shown no consideration for the Constitution and the limits on the power of the government.  In fact he has openly stated that he believes the Constitution is fundamentally flawed.  In addition, the series of rapid-fire scandals that have surfaced after the election have demonstrated that he has subverted the executive branch agencies.  From the IRS to the FBI, the CIA, the EPA and the HHS and are no longer to be trusted to obey the Constitutional limits that safeguard our freedoms.  Even the Supreme Court has shown itself to bow to the pressure of Obama and his allies in the press.  We don't trust a government that has, like a violent criminal, demonstrated that the law is no impediment to the advancement of the Obama agenda.  
At this point it's a shame, but we may have to choose who we are more fearful of, the Jihadi or the US government. 

From American Digest:
Lawyer speak "€œNobody is listening to your calls"€. Correct! It is a building full of Cray computers listening to your calls, looking for key words and phrases and faithfully reporting to whomever programmed it.

I don't even care if anyone is reading or listening in. I know how it works, they have a system that flags specific words and phrases to be examined, then if it looks problematic, the entire call/email/whatever is analyzed. 99.99999% of the stuff goes through without even being noticed, and the stuff that is almost none of it gets to an analyst, I get it.

The problem is that they're doing it to begin with, and that problem is insanely increased by an executive branch which has so completely and repeatedly demonstrated they are willing to use their power to punish political enemies for no other reason than disagreeing with them.

I mean, its one thing to have government scanning emails for phrases like "kill the president," its another to have them looking for "small government" and "overtaxed."

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